'Naxalism is an alternative to fight against injustice'

'Naxalism is an alternative to fight against injustice'

Speaking after inaugurating the convention, Karnataka Dalit Sangharsha Samthi State Organising Secretary Sathya Bhadravati said “naxalism is an alternative to protest against the injustice and abuses. Dalit leader, late B Krishnappa was responsible for the growth of the DSS. But, unfortunately the organisation got divided into various factions.The persons who supported Krishnappa to organise the Dalit movement had been reduced to redundancy. The late Krishnappa had fought against the dreaded practice of “Bettale seve” that was prevailing in Chandragutti in Shimoga district.

He said Ambedkar had undergone hardships in the process of preparing the Constitution for India. He stands as testimonial for the atrocities by the upper caste men. He campaigned against the injustices in an effective manner. He had a tough fight against the social evils that were practiced during those times. He exposed India to the idea of secularism through the Constitution. The concept of women empowerment was put forth by Ambedkar through “Hindu Code Bill.”

Efforts were being made to unite the various factions of the DSS. Although this was a laudable effort, there was a lot of competition among the Dalit leaders to head the unified organisation.

He said Ambedkar had resigned for the post of Law Minister in Nehru’s cabinet for not introducing reservations for women. Sarcastically, the credit for introducing women’s reservation bill is now credited to Sonia Gandhi who is an alien to the culture and traditions of India, he ridiculed.

District Co-ordinator Shekar Hejmadi, BSP Leader Steven John Menenzes, B Kamala, District Minorities Forum President Abdul Rasheed,and others were present.