Water recharge project to be extended to 13 villages

Someshwara, Manjanady, Kotekar, Pavoor, Konaje, Belma, Kinya, Harekala, Meramajal, Naringana, Pajiru, Kurnadu and Badagabettu are the villages that ZP intends to implement the water recharge projects. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer P Shivshankar said that these villages including Munnur,  Kolnadu were being supplied with tanker  water for last one decade.

 The problem in these villages is either salinity  due to salt water incursion or drying of bore wells  during summer.

“Understanding that digging more borewells is not a scientific solution for the region, we thought of recharging the existing bores with rain water harvesting system in place.
Likewise a company named Farmland Rain Water Harvesting System took up the project in July 2009 at 13 points (3 open well, with roof top rain water harvesting system, 10 borewells) in Munnur and 13 borewells in Kolnad.

The structures received just three rainfall and the water thus collected is being utilised by the people at present this year,” Shivshankar said and added that the project will be started in the remaining 13 villages before the onset of monsoon so that the volume of water collected isconsiderably more. The entire project is expected to cost about Rs 1.5 to 2 crore.

CEO said that there is no dearth of funds and since both Central and State governments are supporting projects on sustainable growth and use of resources, getting funds for the said project should not be a problem.

 CEO informed that Chief Minister’s office had recently asked the Zilla Panchayat to send in details on its 5 most important projects.

In the letter, CEO had written water recharge project as the most amitious project of the district.

“There are 986 bore wells functional in the district, 963 minor water supply and 5,219 hand pumps and open wells. There is a need to recharge 5,250 water resources of the lot adopting the recharge method, which will require about Rs 52.50 crore,” reads the letter to CM’s office.

 CEO says that if the required amount of funds are released then the drinking water problems in the entire district can be solved completely but if the said funds are not released then the recharge works will be taken up in villages in Mangalore and Bantwal taluk on priority basis with available funds.

In 2005-06 a total of Rs 222.00 lakh was spent to solve drinking water problems, in 2006-07 as much as Rs 162 lakh was utilised, in 2007-08 a total of Rs 204 lakh was used for the same, Rs 100 lakh was utilised in 2008-09.


In 2009-10 a grand total of Rs 332 lakh has been spent to tackle drinking water problem in the district.

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