This Bihar family loves parks in Bengaluru

This Bihar family loves parks in Bengaluru

This Bihar family loves parks in Bengaluru

As for many others, it was a better job opportunity that brought  Abhishek Rai from Patna, Bihar to Bengaluru. After his brief stint in Delhi he was not sure about what to expect from the city but he vouches that his stay has been fruitful. He works with Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd and lives here  with wife  Sraddha  and son Shrey.    

The duo believe that the city is a haven to most IT professionals and  is a happening place. "There is so much to do here. One can grow at a personal or professional level here. From schooling to healthcare, the city has just the best to offer in services too," adds Abhishek.  

Abhishek and Sraddha feel that the city's ethos  is appreciated  by all. "Despite being North Indians, when we came in, we were able to settle in easily. The  cosmopolitan nature of the city gave us a window to all the varied traditions the country holds  dear to it," notes Sraddha. Abhishek adds that he was able to clear inhibitions about varied cultures and accept all cultures here. "The city is like a guide. It teaches you so many different things," he adds.

"A peek into the  multiple celebrations and festivities here help one understand how  similar our traditions are. What we celebrate as 'Makara Sankranti' is celebrated as 'Pongal' elsewhere but family time and festivities are the same. I am glad that Shrey is growing up in such a setup," says Abhishek.

It is not just the mixed culture but also the way Bengalureans are, that has  Abhishek and Sraddha awestruck. "If you need something, people will help, no matter what. During my first month when I was searching for a house, friends at work made sure that I had a place to stay and was comfortable. The work atmosphere," he says. "Despite bickering 'autowallahs',  Bengalureans have welcomed us with open arms," adds Sraddha.  

The beautiful green spaces are some of the other things that impressed Abhishek. "The first thing I heard about the city was that it is a garden city. Even if it isn't as lush as earlier, the lung space is quite exciting and relaxing," he says. The family  loves their visits to Cubbon Park and Bannerghatta National Park, apart from the smaller parks in the city.

"When one needs a break from the humdrum of the city, there are so many beautiful places like Mysuru, Coorg, Chikkamagaluru, Wayanad, Goa and Ooty that one can easily drive too," he adds.

The variety of cuisines available in Bengaluru was another attraction. "I love  South Indian food, especially the 'Masala Dosa'," says Sraddha to which Abhishek adds, "Our regular haunts include Mahesh Lunch Home, Coast to Coast and Vidyarthi Bhavan."  

The freedom and individual space one enjoys in a city often makes one fall in love with it. "I have worked in Delhi before and I would not feel safe going out with friends.  I have never experienced any untoward incidents or eve-teasing here.  I have always felt comfortable, wearing whatever I wanted to without being judged here," says Sraddha.    

She adds that she is glad Shrey is  being raised in such a city. "Children here are more obedient, respectful and polite in words and action,"  adds Sraddha.