Whatz on?

Whatz on?

Aatmatrisha Fest

The three-day carnival themed Aquamarinepresents a panorama of events, workshops and exhibitions in a variety of genres, including music, dance, technology, sport, gaming, fine-arts, literature, theatre and photography.

The festival is being organised and managed by a student body of over 350, headed by a 25-member core team. One of the highlights of this student endeavour is the innovative theme-based website design.

The three-day extravaganza promises the students with non-stop, foot-tapping and heart pumping fun from dawn to dusk. The Star Events including AT Promenade and AT Roadies will present a challenge to every contestant. For sporting fans, there's a range of events from basketball, to good old galli cricket, football and paintball.

Twilight zone will present a plethora of cultural performances and a fashion show with Cul-Night. There will also be a live performance by a reputed band on the concluding day.