Honed to perfection

Honed to perfection

Honed to perfection

While Kala Satish was interested in drawing  ever since she was a child, it was an unlikely source of inspiration that motivated her to continue in this field.  

"When I was around six years old, I used to go around asking people to teach me how to draw. But no one was interested in this. Then I started observing one of my friends, who was mute, sketching and was floored by the stunning works she created. That was when I decided that I would make something like that too," she says.

Kala kept the promise to herself. Eighteen years after her initial foray into the world of arts and crafts, she now does everything from water colour painting, hand embroidery and  clay art to decoupage, mixed media and even soap carvings  - to name just a few!

"Studies and marriage happened in between. It was only after marriage that  I started going for proper art classes by  Raghavendra sir. One of my friends told me about him. Ten ladies used to gather for his classes which would go on from morning till evening. His feedback about my drawings has really helped me improve as an artist. Unfortunately, he fell sick later on and discontinued the classes."  

"Now Muniyappa sir is coming to my place and the same batch of ladies has started attending his classes here," she adds.

When asked where she draws her inspiration from, Kala says, "I attend all art and craft exhibitions that I can possibly manage. I search for ideas there and give them my own twist. I want to showcase my own creativity and for that my artefacts have to be different. Nature is also a good teacher. She never fails to inspire me" and adds that she likes working with sober colours the most as these lend an air of elegance to any creation.

Kala now aims at spreading the wealth of knowledge she has amassed over the years. "I take classes for children, starting from three years onwards, and for ladies. I am helped by a friend here. I ensure that my young students sit for the art exams  and come out in flying colours.  I also  go as judge for school-level rangoli and craft competitions."

While she is enjoying a busy life steeped in art, the lady concedes that it was tough going initially. "When I started, it was very difficult for me. My husband, who has been a pillar of support for me, encouraged me to start taking classes. I was a newbie in the field and it was very difficult for me to make a name for  myself. I used to distribute pamphlets from door to door in different areas. But all that has paid off," she says, adding that she is looking at conducting some solo exhibitions and maybe even having her own gallery one day.  

(Kala can be contacted on 9739933777)