Vipin wants independent music to flourish

Vipin wants independent music to flourish

Vipin Patwa was born into a business family but he realised his love for music at the age of 14. He spent endless evenings practising the ragas while his friends played cricket outside.

He then started to compose jingles and songs for All India Radio and soon found his way into Bollywood. He got his first break with 'Luv U Soniyo'. Apart from working on the film 'Bollywood Diaries', Vipin is excited about his project 'Daas Dev' directed by Sudhir Mishra.

The music director took some time off to speak to Anila Kurian about his Bollywood journey.


Was music always your first love?

From the time I can remember, yes! My father owned a radio and I remember the song 'Sun Sahiba Sun' from the movie 'Ram Teri Ganga Maili'. It was a song from Rajshri Production and years later, I'm happy to say that I'm working with them now.


You also worked with All India Radio for a while. How was that experience?

Working there was very helpful as it helped me become the music director I am today. I was approved as an AIR singer in 2000 and I started composing my own songs. This eventually led me to make songs from both radio and television. Those exercises are what helps me formulate the songs I do today.


You've worked on some Bollywood projects till now. Do you have a favourite?

Working on Haryanvi folk music in the film 'Lal Rang' starring Randeep Hooda was a different experience for me. But working on Sudhir Mishra's 'Daas Dev' was interesting. Sudhir has a unique way of making music and helps bring the story together. So this is my current favourite.


Are you looking forward to working with some new artistes soon?

There are a lot of new talent in the industry now. I am eager to work with Zubeen Garg, Arijit Singh, Jonita Gandhi and so on. I try to work with new singers in each of my films.


Does work come to you easily?

There are only a few chances you get in this industry. Your reputation stays when people think that you can do justice to a song. I had to request Sudhir to listen to my work to get the project 'Daas Dev'. Thankfully he liked my work and I landed the project.


What's your music making process like?

I prefer to hear the story before I start working on anything. It's important to understand the director's vision for the characters and what type of music is needed. But I really do feel that it's a collective effort with your writers and directors. Good conversations help make good music.


What kind of changes would you like to see in the industry?

I believe that we should give more opportunity to independent music. You are asked to compose a song according to the storyline; you can't compose one that you really want to. So your individual thoughts aren't really added. That's why I think independent music must flourish for the betterment of our kind of music.


What's your advice to aspiring musicians?

There isn't an alternative to hard work so continue what you're doing and your work will reach the masses.

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