CET-2010 from today

CET-2010 from today

1.15 lakh students to appear in 228 centres across State

CET-2010 from today

Nearly 1.15 lakh students across the State will be appearing for the examinations to be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to both students and experts, the key to last minute preparations is working out papers from previous years and sometimes even mugging up memory based questions.

Rakshith Sharma, a student making some last minute preparations for CET said that the entrance was a relatively easy exam, which has traditionally focussed on memory based questions.

“Most questions in CET are either direct application questions or memory based unlike tougher exams like the IIT JEE or AIEEE where it is important to grasp the concept,” he said. He added that his last minute preparations were far from frenetic and was quite relaxed and confident about scoring highly in the exam.

Professor V Sriram, a maths expert opined that last minute preparations do not make as much of a difference to the performance.

“I have instructed my students to work out as many papers from previous years because straight away familiarity in the pattern and applying the concepts help speed,” he said. Sriram added that brushing up with formula lists was an important part of last minute preparation.

Ashwin Anil, another student said that his preparations for the last minute included working out mock test papers and questions from previous years. “CET questions are often repeated from previous years and some of them have to be mugged up. I have also been brushing up on what I studied in my First PU,” he said.

228 centres

The CET will be conducted in 228 centres of which 58 are located in Bangalore. As many as 32,034 students will appear in Bangalore while more than 83,000 candidates will appear across 170 centres in the rest of the State. In addition to the regular quotas, this year students with dyslexia too can claim a quota under CET.

Biology and mathematics examinations are scheduled for Wednesday, while Physics and Chemistry exams will be held on Thursday, April 29. All papers will be for 60 marks with Biology and Physics scheduled for the morning sessions from 10.30 am to 11.50 am.
Mathematics and Chemistry have been scheduled for the afternoon sessions from 2.30 pm to 3.50 pm.