In The Valley Of Mist
Justine Hardy
Random House, 2009, pp 271, 12.99 pounds

Once praised by poets as an earth paradise, Kashmir has become deeply scarred by bloodshed and political unrest. Set in Kashmir, this is the true story of the Dar family who live in a conflict zone and has been forced into adapting to the changes around them.

From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and its Legacy
Kenan Malik
Penguin India, 2009, pp 266, Rs 399

Taking the Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa condemning Rushdie for ‘The Satanic Verses’, the author examines how radical Islam gained hold in Muslim communities, how multiculturalism contributed to this process, and how the Rushdie affair has transformed the very nature of the debate on tolerance and free speech.

The Indian Night: Sleep and Dreams in Indian Culture
Edied by Claudine Bautze-Picron
Rupa & Co, 2009, pp 661, Rs 395

Dreams are a tool allowing a reading of the mind, life and world. The multiplicity of approaches illustrared by this book reflects the richness of the Indian in-depth perception of dreams and its readiness to incorporate dreams at any level of life and system of thought.

A Taste of Life: The Last Days of U G
Mahesh Bhatt
Penguin, 2009, pp 161, Rs 225

A bare, intensely personal account of a bedside vigil with the dying, this book records the final days that well-known filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt spent with G G Krishnamurti. It narrates how, in death, U G shows the author and us a way to live life. Known as the anti-guru and the thinker who shuns thought, U G spent his life destroying accepted beliefs.

India and The global Financial Crisis:
Y V Reddy
Orient Blackswan, 2009, pp 397, Rs 595

Ever since the financial crisis erupted in the USA in 2007 and spread to the rest of the world, there has been an interest n India’s management of a financial sector. What contributed to this situation? What was the Reserve Bank of India’s perspective and policies? This volume attempts to answer these.

Islamicate Cultures of Bombay Cinema
Ira Bhaskar & Richard Allen
Tulika Books, 2009, pp 346, rs 995

This book explores the Islamicate cultures that richly inform Bombay cinema. These cultures are imagined forms of the past and therefore a contested site of histories and identities.

Facets of Music
R Visweswaran
Ananya, pp 226, Rs 200

The author, a professor of Indology, a self-taught Veena exponent and musicologist has penned down his thoughts of music. Born in 1931, the author has cultivated his own masterly techniques of playing the veena which is marked by the stamp of his uniqueness.

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