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TV Talk

Warm host: Bridget MarquardtSoaking up some sun

Who better to show us around some of the most famous beaches in America than California native Bridget Marquardt? Discovery Travel and Living presents Beach Watch with the hot host Bridget Marquardt, who travels across countries to bring the sexiest beaches for the viewers.

In each episode, Bridget explores five tantalising beaches and immerses herself in everything from early morning sport to late night luaus. Cliff diving, bikini shopping, hanging out with beautiful locals, you name it and she has done it. Beach Watch airs at 10 pm on April 29.

Name confusion on sets

A similar name has created chaos on the sets of Rang Badalti Odhni. Yashashree, who essays the lead role of Khanak in the show, shares a similar name with Yash Patnaik, the producer of the show. Earlier, everybody on the sets used to call Yashashree as Yash as her name is really long. However, when Yash Patnaik would be around, it would cause utter confusion. As everyone on sets would address Yash Patnaik as ‘sir’, it would get awkward calling Yashashree as Yash in his presence.

Yashashree informed that once there was an incident where both she and Yash were on the sets. She says, “It so happened that one of the actors called out for me as Yash. Immediately sir responded to it and everyone was on a laughing spree. Since then I am being referred to as Shree rather than Yash to avoid any further confusion.”
Now this certainly defies Shakespeare’s ‘what’s in a name’ theory!  

Preparing for confrontation

HBO presents Wanted starring Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, James Mcavoy and Terence Stamp on April 29 at 9 pm. Branded a loser, office clerk Wesley Gibson thinks his world has ended when he discovers his girlfriend has been cheating on him. Apparently, like Fox, his father was a professional killer for a secret agency called the Fraternity. Cross, a hit-man with an agenda, wants to kill him too.
Together with Sloan, the Fraternity’s head honcho, Wesley has to learn the extraordinary bullet-bending skills his father once had, and prepare himself to confront Cross when the time is right.

STUNNING: Angelina Jolie in WantedNot believing in idol worship

Real is always different from reel life. Shakti Anand, who plays the pious and doting husband Shivam in Sphere Origins’ Godh Bharaai, doesn’t believe in idol worship. Tired of people’s jibes, Shivam performs a puja (prayer) on the show so that his wife can conceive. But in reality, his views are surprising.
“I don’t believe in puja at all. I do puja once in a blue moon. All these are just superstitions. A prayer or ritual can’t change someone’s destiny. Today, we have various options available. If you don’t have the capability to conceive, you can adopt a child. Besides, the pativrata patni is limited to just reel life. I’m not a demanding husband. I believe in providing space to my partner,” he says.

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