Techie wife suicide: cops mull action against hospital

Techie wife suicide: cops mull action against hospital

Techie wife suicide: cops mull action against hospital

The C K Acchukattu police are contemplating action against a private hospital in Padmanabhanagar for not informing them about a woman who was declared dead on arrival.

A staff from Yogananda Hospital told DH that the woman's body was checked by a doctor in front of the hospital inside an auto-rickshaw in which she was brought.

The doctor asked the woman's husband, Vijay Kiran, a techie, to take the body to another hospital.

But Kiran took his wife's body back to his house where he waited until dawn to inform his neighbours, the police said.

"No hospital can return a body after declaring it brought dead or dead on arrival just by examining it outside the hospital and without mentioning it any records," said a senior police officer.

On Monday morning, Tulasi's body was shifted to Victoria Hospital for a postmortem and Kiran was picked up for questioning by the police, who later ruled out any foul play.

The couple was married for four years and have a 3-year-old daughter. They are from Repalle in Guntur, the police said.

The couple had moved into a house in Bhuvaneshwari Nagar around six months ago and used to quarrel frequently.

On Sunday night, after an argument, Tulasi hanged herself after an angry Kiran stepped out the house.

After returning, Kiran called his wife but there was no response. He peeped in from a window and found her hanging. Kiran then took her in an autorickshaw to the hospital.

Tulasi's father Koutharapu Shivaramakrishna stated that no one was responsible for his daughter's death, including Kiran.

Tulasi's body was handed over to the family after postmortem on Monday evening.