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Actor Karthik Jayaram is known for his role in the television serials 'Ashwini Nakshatra' and 'Siya ke Ram'. His notable projects in the Kannada film industry include 'Deadly 2', 'Kempegowda', 'Jarasandha', 'Varadanayaka', 'Vismaya' and 'Care of footpath-2'.

He was the second runner-up in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5. Karthik will soon be seen in 'May 1st' and 'Warrant'.

The actor also has two Bollywood projects in the pipeline.


Dr Rajkumar
"I have grown up watching Dr Rajkumar's films. He was a  versatile actor and one could learn a lot about life just by  watching his films. I always admired his commitment and  passion towards his craft. I have lost count of the number of
times I have watched 'Babruvahana'. His deep involvement  with every character that he portrayed is something for the  younger generation to emulate."


Anand Neelakantan  
"I admire the way  Anand Neelakantan  tackles mythological  subjects. He captures  complicated situations  and writes them in  simple language and  
presents it in an interesting  format. I don't  read a lot of books. I  began reading some of  Anand's works when  I was shooting for  'Siya Ke Ram', which  is based on one of  his books. I found the  characters in it pretty  interesting."


"I worked in Dubai for a  while before moving to Bengaluru.  I have been to every  part of that sprawling city.  But I am still drawn to Dubai  and would like to go back  there for a vacation. The  people are warm and welcoming.  The food culture and  nightlife is something that I  can't get enough of. With the  right company, Dubai is one  of the best places to visit for a break."


Masala dosa
"When I was a contestant in Big Boss, the only thing that I  craved for was 'masala dosa'. There were a few fellow contestants who were kind enough to make it for me. I can have  it any time of the day. I also enjoy other South Indian breakfast  items like 'idli' and 'upma'. I am an experimental eater
and like to try all dishes in moderation."


R Jayaram
"My father R Jayaram has always been my inspiration. I  admire the way he faces tough situations with a smile. He  has learnt how to stay happy no matter what and this is one  characteristic that he has tried to inculcate in his children.
He has taught us that compassion comes before wealth and  fame. I have   always tried to emulate and follow him."


S P Balasubrahmanyam
"Music is a big part of my life. I  am a big fan of S P Balasubrahmanyam.  His voice lends life to  every song and most of  the onscreen characters  remain in
our minds because  of his powerful  renditions. I also  like Raghu Dixit  for his lively  performances.  I always  watch out  for his new  music."  

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