No end to garbage woes for Bogadi residents

No end to garbage woes for Bogadi residents

No end to garbage woes for Bogadi residents

The people of Bogadi still face a lot of problems, due to garbage issues, even though Mysuru is called a 'Clean City'.

"The delay in collecting waste from houses and other establishments by Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) staffers makes the people dump garbage by the roads and also on available vacant lands," said a resident of Bogadi.

Geetha Ram, a resident, said that the CFTRI Layout is full of waste dumps. "There is a garbage bin there, but due to the delay of the MCC in collection and disposal of the waste, garbage spills over, making the place around it filthy. People find it difficult to drive or move on the roads nearby, due to the foul smell. Many cows and dogs feed on the waste, which is hazardous," she added.

Sudhindra Raj, a shop owner near Nirmithi Kendra, said that the MCC workers demand money to collect waste from shops. He said, "The Gangothri Layout Park, near Ganesha temple, is full of a garbage dump. The park does not provide any relaxation for the people. On the contrary, it makes people keep away."

Another person from Bogadi said that Bisilu Maramma temple road in Gangothri Layout is a real mess. "Garbage is also used as a landfill, for the widening of roads. Besides being a health hazard, it also reduces the life of the roads," he points out.

Atulya, a student of Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Bogadi, said that she feels scared while going to college due to the presence of stray dogs near Harsha Bar and Gopi Corner as heaps of garbage attract dogs.

"The garbage dump near the 1st Cross, Nirmithi Kendra Road, creates problems for children. The foul smell and mosquitoes are unbearable. It is difficult without mosquito nets on doors and windows of houses. Even skin allergy and asthma is caused to children, due to unclean surroundings," she adds.

"Some people come on vehicles and throw the waste by the roadside. Even though the city has been declared open defecation-free, people continue to attend nature's call openly and defecation near garbage heaps," said Aswathy Krishna, a student.

"The PGs in Bogadi pay money to the MCC workers while collecting waste. So, the MCC workers expect money from residents also. The MCC focuses on the cleanliness of the main city and not other areas. The officials have failed in proper management of the system. The Swachhata-MoHUA app by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs enables the citizens to post civic issues like garbage dump so that the MCC gets information on the problem. However, the app still needs to be updated. There are no options for issues like somebody setting fire to garbage heaps," said B N Prasanna, a student.