'Rs 290-cr tribal funds go unutilised due to negligence of officials'

'Rs 290-cr tribal funds go unutilised due to negligence of officials'

Members of Karnataka Adivasi Rakshana Parishat accused that the state government, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Minister for Social Welfare H Anjaneya are neglecting the tribal communities.

In a press conference, here, on Saturday, parishat president M Krishnaiah alleged that the funds allotted for the development of the tribal people have lapsed due to the negligence of the ministers and the officials concerned.

"The government had alloted Rs 200 crore in 2017-18 Budget and earmarked an additional Rs 290 crore for the community development. But, the authorities failed to spend the funds. Now, the government has diverted the funds for other projects," he alleged.

Krishnaiah said that though the community people urged the CM to announce the establishment of a separate Tribal Development Corporation and to reserve Rs 1,000 crore for the corporation during 2018-19 budget, the CM did not consider it positively. "Though the government framed stringent laws to ensure that all the funds are spent within the stipulated time, the officials have neglected it. However, the government has failed to take any action against them. Minister H Anjaneya, during his stay in hamlets, had announced Rs 10 crore for each haadi, but, the funds remain intact," he said.

Though professor Muzaffar Azadi Committee recommended rehabilitation of
3,418 tribal families, the government has not considered it, he said.

No job for tribals

He said that the parishat requested the government for direct recruitment of tribal youths, who have completed DEd, BEd and nursing courses. But, the government has not considered it, he pointed out.

The government should take measures to spend the allotted funds for the development of the community people and resolve all the issues facing the tribals. The parishat will hold a state-wide protest if they fail, he warned.

Parishat state general secretary B Kavera and secretary Muddaiah were present.