Bear killed after it attacks 16

Bear killed after it attacks 16

Irate villagers organised counter-attack

Bear killed after it attacks 16

Fatal: A Maranabasari resident displaying the carcass of the bear on Wednesday. DH Photo

At around 6:30 am, the bear appeared on the outskirts of the village, and attacked Imamsab Dadasab Warikal who was attending the nature’s call, severely injuring his left eye.

“He was lying unconscious with injuries on head, chest, arm and eye. After giving first aid at a hospital in Ron, he was brought to the KIMS in Hubli for treatment,” relatives of the victim said.

Doctors at the KIMS have stated that Imamsab was out of danger, though his eye is seriously injured. “Let him recover   first. Then we will examine his vision,” they said.
The bear also attacked some more persons, before entering the village.

Irate villagers then organised a counter-attack and injured the bear which then entered the house of Hussainsab. Villagers said no bears were earlier found in Ron taluk.
15 wounds

By the time the Forest Department personnel arrived with all the materials to catch the bear alive, the bear had died. More than 15 wounds were found on its body. Later, the bear was brought to Binkadakatti zoo, and was buried there, after the postmortem.

Fakrusab Motekhan, Sharanappa Talawar, Mahadevappa Talawar, Umesh Vanigeri, Shankrappa Sangati, Mudakappa Jalihal, Abdulsab Shikaripur, Duragappa Madar, Imamsab Hawaldar, Ninganagouda Patil, Hanumanthappa Jalihal, Bhimappa Pujar, and Hussainsab Motekhan are among the injured, and are being treated at hospitals in Ron and Naregal.