State to boost use of treated water in industries

State to boost use of treated water in industries

Aerospace industries coming up near Bengaluru International Airport has held talks with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board to supply waste water after tertiary treatment to industries.

Minister for Large and Medium Scale Industries Murugesh Nirani, on Wednesday, said many industries have already started using treated water. This initiative will be given a major boost in the future.

“Industries not only in Bangalore but even in other cities can bank upon treated water for their production activities,” he said.

Principal Secretary V P Baligar said every year the government will be adding between 1,000 and 1,200 MW to the grid. Thus, supplying power will not be a problem. But supplying water will remain a difficult task.

Aerospace industry is not demanding the BWSSB to supply Cauvery water. Instead, what they are asking for is treated water. The BWSSB has given its in principle acceptance to the proposal, he added.