You must read this poem

You must read this poem

You must read this poem

Day one

A strange kind of fear,
A numbing, startling fear,
Fear of the unknown and unlearnt
Gripped me as I saw and heard
New faces to learn
And new names to call
Will I ever say these names
in a comfortable drawl?
A drop in an ocean,
I am pushed and swept by the tide
As I struggle to make my mark
in the ever shifting sands of time.

I look around and see
Others who are quite like me
And I find among them
People who seem to like me
I may still be a drop
In a vast ocean,
But I know now, that an ocean
Is made of several little drops.

Sadarchita Prasad

A poem about home

Home is a place where the dishonesty ad badness dies at the gates.
Where my brotherhood comes back and freedom does not hide in the dust
Home is where work is forgotten and love is at hand,
where your heartbeat can wrap around you and you sleep without disturbance from your friends,
where you are accepted as bad or good by the comfort and family of your home.
When there is darkness and rain in
this lonely world
There is only one place that accepts you:
that is your home

Manmeet Singh (13)

From: poems from the Roald Dahl Foundation
First Poetry Competition