Sindhu will soon be seen in a no-hero film

Sindhu will soon be seen in a no-hero film

Sindhu will soon be seen in a no-hero film

Actor Sindhu Loknath returns on screen in her latest project 'Heegondhu Dina' on March 30. She considers it a blessing and a challenge to be back with a women-oriented subject and hopes that she will be able to draw the audience to the theatres. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about her upcoming movie and life in the industry.

Are you more nervous or excited?

To shoulder an entire movie on yourself is not easy. The team and I have been waiting for the day 'Heegondhu Dina' will hit the screens. I am constantly wondering about how the audience will receive the movie and if they will be able to accept it without a hero.

Tell us a bit about 'Heegondhu Dina'.

The most exciting part about 'Heegondhu Dina' is that the story happens between two hours, from 6.30 am to 8.30 am. The movie is about a girl who has to choose between her career and marriage. She only has a couple of hours left to decide what she wants to do and she sets out for that. Many scenes in the movie were shot at one go. It was a really exciting journey.

How challenging was it to shoot for such a movie?

Vikram Yoganand, the director, was very particular about the specifics of the timeline. Since he wanted it to look realistic, we shot the scenes only during 6.30 am to 8.30 am. There were no cuts or breaks during each scene. The biggest challenge for me was to remember all the lines and reactions involved in each scene.

Do box office collections matter more or is critical feedback more important?

Both. I still watch movies after taking feedback from people and reading reviews. I strongly believe that if a movie connects to the audience, it will bring in the money.

Does an actor need to have films release back to back, to be remembered?

I don't think anyone can forget their favourite actor. I haven't forgotten mine even after they stopped acting. I don't believe in acting in movies for the sake of it. I would rather act in one good movie which will leave an impact than be part of 10 movies where one doesn't even notice you. People on social media often keep telling me about how they are awaiting my film, so I have my fingers crossed.

Do you feel that marriage limits a female actor in Sandalwood?

There are many who chose to not work after marriage and that is their choice. As a person, marriage does not limit me. I don't know why actors are generalised here though.

If in Bollywood, actors like Kajol, Sridevi or others can come back on screen after a gap, why not the actors here? The only criteria to cast an actor should be if she or he can do justice to the role.

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