Conman robs contractor of Rs 4.5 lakh

Conman robs contractor of Rs 4.5 lakh

A conman made away with a bag containing Rs 4.5 lakh in cash belonging to a civil contractor in Vijayanagar on Friday by diverting him.

According to the police, the victim, Jagadish V, a resident of Attiguppe in Banashankari, had withdrawn money from a private bank and kept it in his car. Around 2.45 pm, he was having lunch in his car while his driver was in the front seat.

A stranger approached them and informed that one of the car's rear wheels was flat.

Both Jagadish and his driver alighted from the vehicle and checked for the puncture. While they got busy in getting the tools from the boot, the stranger slyly made away with the cash bag.

Jagadish and his driver realised what had happened and called the police control room before approaching the Vijayanagar police.

According to the police, Jagadish was carrying Rs 2 lakh that he had taken from home. Later, he withdrew another
Rs 2.5 lakh to pay salaries to his employees.

The police suspect the conman might have followed Jagadish from the bank and punctured the tyre before diverting his attention and robbing him.