Man attempts suicide by leaping into Kali river thrice, rescued by police, fire services

Last Updated 28 March 2018, 08:18 IST

The police and fire services personnel, on Wednesday, rescued a man who threw his baby into the Kali river here and tried to commit suicide by jumping into the river himself.

Police said that Shankara Banjara (40) a construction worker from Hangal, was the man who attempted suicide.

He jumped into the river clutching his child on Tuesday night. He and the baby were rescued by workers of the Devbagh Beach Resort and admitted to the district hospital.

However, on Wednesday, Shankara Banjara escaped from the hospital naked, came to the Kali river and leaped into it again. Without drowning, he swam to the shore and was sighted sitting on the national highway number 66 by an eye witness.

Though some local people tried to coax him not to jump, he again jumped into the river; for the third time.

In a joint effort, police and fire services personnel, rescued him using a boat and admitted him to hospital again.

The baby is also being treated at the district hospital police added. Karwar town police have registered the case.

DH News Service.

(Published 28 March 2018, 08:18 IST)

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