GP polls: Assns campaign for child rights

GP polls: Assns campaign for child rights

It is the liability on the part of elders to opt for a responsible candidate who takes forward the mantle of the better future for children, she added.

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Speaking to mediapersons, Padi-Velored Advocacy and Media Network Co-ordinator Sarala Kairanna said the associations have joined hands demanding the protection of children’s rights.

The lower tire of the local governance should devise certain strategy catering to the interests of the children. However, children are not privileged with the facility to vote for thdupi, Bharathiya Vikas Trust, Manipal, Consumer Forum, Udupi, Padi-Velored, Mangalore and Nele, Mangalore is campaigning for children’s rights in the wake of forthcoming Gram and Nele, Mangalore is campaigning for children’s rights in the wforthcoming Graen into consideration before going for exercising franchise.  

The candidate should work for the needs of children and their educational development. The candidate should spare certain amount of funds and some areas of land to develop educational institutions in his respective constituency. The demands include quality education for all children at Gram Panchayat level, 25 per cent of Gram Panchayat’s income should be allocated for the allround development of children, maintenance of health and sanitation in the premises of village schools, introducing educational awareness campaigns at Gram Panchayat level, providing basic infrastructure like water, roads and power supply, educational rights of the migrated children should be protected, compulsory children’s meetings at village level and so on.

Jayanthi, Manjunath Kodavur, Shaurish and others were present.