Munna, the pug who stole our hearts

Munna, the pug who stole our hearts

Munna, the pug who stole our hearts

Munna came into our life five years ago. He was a gift from our neighbours as they knew we were dog lovers and had enough time to take care of him.

Our neighbours had named him 'Munna' and we followed it. A few in our locality who loved him call him 'Munna Bhai'.

My morning begins with taking him for a long walk. I do the same after I return from my work in the evening. He enjoys his walks.

His diet includes non-vegetarian food. However, Pedigree, milk and biscuits are his favourites.

As he loves going on scooter rides, I oblige him with such rides once in a way.

I am very proud to say that as a pet, he has taken his toilet training seriously. He waits till one takes him out for walks to relieve himself.

Munna is quite friendly, especially towards people who visit our house.
During his walks, he takes a moment to socialise with those who he meets on the way. Everyone likes to take photographs with him and he happily complies.

He has a good companion in a stray dog who always accompanies Munna whenever I take him for walk. It is very funny to see him run behind his companion to catch him.
Everybody in the locality loves him and young girls play with him.

Munna always responds to my whistles. He barks occasionally but it is a treat to watch.

Occasionally, he hops on to my bed, snuggles up to me and we have the best sleep ever.

He communicates through his eyes. It is funny to see him just stare at people. Everyone gets attracted to his eyes.

He is left untied as he is neither harmful nor aggressive.

Munna came into our lives after we lost our first pet, Sunny.

Sunny was a Pomeranian, who was living with us for eight years. He passed away seven years ago. It was one of the saddest moments of my life.

A pet will change your life forever. They will bring unprecedented joy. The love and affection you receive from them are incomparable.

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