Ashwin is playing an egoistic telemarketing professional

Ashwin is playing an egoistic telemarketing professional

Ashwin Rao Pallaki will soon wind up his directorial venture 'Curious Cases Of Yedebadita'. The project which faced some hiccups is on its way to completion and will hit the screens later this year. The actor will also be seen in 'Kathe Ondu Shuruvagide' soon.

In a candid conversation, the actor tells Tini Sara Anien, about his journey so far.

How is 'Curious Cases Of Yedebadita' progressing?

After some hiccups with an investor and finding another, we will resume shoot in a few days. We have 27 days of shoot left which includes three song sequences.

What about the movie will attract the audience to it?

The subject is humorous, youthful and entertaining. It will be narrated in a comical way. The movie is all about love stories and breakups. Who doesn't like to have a laugh? And who wouldn't connect to love stories?

Some interesting facts about the movie.

The movie's male actors have all acted in 'Kirik Party' before. It was fun to connect to all of them on the sets. It is easy to act with people you already know. We helped each other perfect our scenes.

Apart from the music director, this project marks the debut for the whole team including the cinematographer, editor and my journey as a director.

Some filmmakers saw what we have shot and have shared feedback that the movie is very realistic. Even Rakshit Shetty is impressed with our work.

'Kathe Ondu Shuruvagide' seems like an exciting project. Tell us more.

While most of the other projects I have worked on were fun movies, this film is a very classy one. Everyone on the sets is always concentrating on getting the details of each scene right. Utmost importance is given to performance. 'Kathe...' is a romantic comedy but the audience will relate to people across ages and their relationships in the movie.

How different are your roles in the two movies?

I play Koshi, a telemarketing professional who is egoistic and messes his relationship in 'Curious Cases Of Yedebadita'. In 'Kathe Ondu Shuruvagide', I play Pedro, who is Diganth's driver and caretaker of his resort. The roles are starkly different and have been very fulfilling.

After so many romantic movies, do you feel you need to try something different?

Every movie that I have done is from a league of its own. I want to be an actor and not a hero. Even if my character is just for a few minutes, I want to make an impact on the audience with my performance.

What are the other projects in the pipeline?

These two films will release in 2018. I will also be seen in 'Cafe Garage' by Pavan Ranadheera which has four lead characters in it. I will also be directing another movie very soon.


'Curious Cases Of Yedebadita' has been shot at Kota and Bengaluru.

The movie is an anthology and will have four parallel stories in it.

Ashwin's next directorial venture will see Diganth play a significant role in it.

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