Advani drubs Chawla to move into last four

Palying with a handicap of -1000, the young pro eased past Chawla 1200-647 to wrap up his third victory in as many matches. Advani, the six-times world champion, will meet either Devendra Joshi or Sourav Kothari in the last four stage.

Advani made a splendid start to the day with a break of 100 on his ninth attempt and mantained the intensity to produce further breaks of 100, 106, 106 and 132.

Geet Sethi had another easy day in office as he coasted to an easy win over Ajay Bhushan.
The nine-time world billiards champion sailed to a 1200-385 victory in Group B. With two wins, Sethi is level with Bhus-han, who completed his engagements with two wins and a loss. Bhushan, who upset Asian bronze medallist B Bhaskar on Friday, was brought down to earth by Sethi. Slow off the blocks, Sethi, playing with a handicap of -1000, achieved breaks of 94 and 84 on his 34th and 38th visits respectively. The 48-year-old then had a 132 on his 40th visit before recording a match-high 235 on his 44th.

Devendra Joshi and Rupesh Shah pulled off comfortable victories over Shree Advani and AR Arjun respectively.

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Results (Super league, handicap in brackets):
C Ravindranath (500) 700 bt Michael Rebello (-400) 534; Geet Sethi (-1000) 1200 bt Ajay Bhushan (-300) 385; Devendra Joshi (-1000) 1200 bt Shree Advani (-350) 528; Rupesh Shah (-1000) 1200 bt AR Arjun (-300) 147; Saurav Kothari (-1000) 1201 bt D Rajkumar (-600) 699; Pankaj Advani (-1000) 1200 bt Kamal Chawla (-600) 647; Dhruv Sitwala (-1000) 1201 bt Arvind Savur (-600) 385.

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