Top cop's daughter threatens constable, video goes viral

Top cop's daughter threatens constable, video goes viral

A video showing the daughter of a top Tamil Nadu police officer flaunting her connections and even threatening to "take off duty" a police constable, who stopped her SUV on East Coast Road here on Sunday night for routine check up, has gone viral.

The nearly 2.5-minute video shows the woman and a man, believed to be her husband, threatening the constable not to "record the video" and more than once warning him that she would call her father and ensure that he is taken off duty. The policeman, in the video, looks unperturbed and even says he was only doing his duty when the woman points out to him that she has high connections.

"My father is a DGP," the woman says, and when the policeman asks for the name, she replies: "Tamilselvan." N Tamilselvan is a senior IPS officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police with the Coastal Security Group of Tamil Nadu government.

The policeman, who identifies himself as Karthikeyan, is seen questioning the occupants of the car parked very close to the sea despite a virtual ban on assembling near the beach due to the Cauvery protests. It is not clear from the video whether the constable recorded it or someone with him did.

"Don't record it. I will call my dad. You are going to get into trouble. Don't you understand? Is this f****g guy mad? What's your name? Should I send you off your duty now? I can ensure that you are out of the job. Don't click photos or record videos," the woman tells the policeman.

Constable unperturbed

While checking the vehicle, Karthikeyan also gets hold of a bottle suspected to be liquor, the video shows. The policeman is heard being polite to the woman, who says she can ensure that he is transferred or shunted out the next morning.

"Don't behave like this madam. This is not fair. The person with you is questioning me and crossing all his limits," the policeman tells the woman.

However, the woman later lodged a complaint with the city police saying the constable was drunk and he recorded the video thinking they were "one odd couple." In her complaint, she said she was with her husband, her sister and sister's husband.

"Only my sister's husband had beer. The constable was trying to extort money and we only objected to the video being shot. His action in putting it on social media shows his attitude," the woman said in her complaint.