To retire or not to retire?

To retire or not to retire?

Reaching the age of 65 years in the US brings you the eligibility of retirement with full pension for some, and social security for all. But one can continue in service indefinitely unless fired.

But, to retire or not to retire, is the question. Some feel they should continue to serve, but some feel they should retire. Having served for approximately 35 years, some feel they should enjoy the fruits of their labour by having some free time.

I am sure many would have planned well to beat inflation by investing in real estate, shares, mutual funds and the like. Insurance also would have been done. If all these have been taken care of, there is no reason why one should not retire and give place to younger blood.

Some may feel it is hard to spend time after getting used to a busy schedule for years. They should remember retirement is relaxation time. They should have a sense of purpose. Then all will be well. They can become members of a club. There are lectures, dramas, music concerts and the like to choose and attend.

They can do sightseeing, play games like golf, tennis, billiards and card games and so on. Whatever they could not do in service, they can do now. People who have an interest in reading books, can do so. There is a scope for doing social work also.

Retired life is an opportunity to spend time with family, children and grandchildren. In India, every other day, we are invited to some function. It is an occasion to meet everyone which one missed while in service.

But I do not know how the wives feel, as they are not used to having their men about the house always. It is said "a retired husband is the wife's full time job." Anyway one has to retire at some stage. It is the adjustment that brings happiness.

No wonder, I advised my son who is 65 years now, to retire and enjoy life in full, though he never asked me for my advice.

After some days, my son wrote to me that he had retired, and it was wonderful doing nothing at all! He also said that now he has the time to sit back and advise others though he never followed any of it in his life!

Now, I heard he has already booked tickets to go to Hawaii along with his two sons. He wants to visit Alaska, too. He said that retirement brings new challenges and adventures. And that he wants to read books and write one, too. I was happy to hear that.

Again, I gave him some unsolicited advice to stay young at heart, kind in spirit, and enjoy his retirement.

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