Bengaluru dog breeder takes pride in rare Korean mastiff

Bengaluru dog breeder takes pride in rare Korean mastiff

Satish, a breeder in Bengaluru, sends his dogs to homes across the world. "I started it as a hobby in my teenage years. It later turned out to be my profession. I used to focus only on common breeds, but began this business after I crossed a Doberman and a Great Dane," says Satish.

The most expensive dog in Satish's collection is a Tibetian mastiff, whose worth he puts at Rs 10 crore.
Satish was given the title of 'Dog Father' when he brought in the rare Korean mastiff to India. He says that breed sells for Rs 1 crore a puppy.

Always fond of canines, Satish used to have community dogs around him when he was young. He realised there was a huge market for foreign dogs in India. "There aren't any kennels for Korean mastiffs. That's why I decided to have it in my bank," he says.

Though the Tibetian mastiff and Alaskan malamute are more expensive than the Korean mastiff, he is proud he owns the rare Korean breed. He also claims to own the world's largest Labrador.

"Dogs are just like human beings. There is a myth that they can't adjust to different climates. They may find it difficult for a few days, but they get used to any condition in the world," says Satish.

Now an owner of 150 dogs, Satish used to have them on his farm. When some dogs were infected by other dogs in the vicinity, he decided to hire caretakers. Today, six families living across the city take care of Satish's dogs.

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