A saga of lies, more lies and mistaken identities

A saga of lies, more lies and mistaken identities

this house is full: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and others in the film.

Sajid Khan proclaims “Housefull” is a comedy. Forgive him. His much-hyped movie is just that — hype.

Intended or not, laughing gas plays a major role in the climax. A London crowd roars with laughter after inhaling nitrous oxide. Well, the viewers too need the same for some laughs.

Akshay Kumar doing a dishum-dishum with a monkey is the highlight of the movie. Another ‘gem’ is a vacuum-cleaner doing its job on Riteish Deshmukh’s rear. Truly Sajid, truly slapstick.

Lara Dutta howls, and thinks she is acting, while Deepika Padukone and Jiah Khan find enough time to parade a fairly good collection of bikinis. Riteish, the bearable of the babbling lot, jumps in and out of the bed with ‘gay’ abandon.

Now, the story. Akshay (painfully deadpan) has been a loser all his life, blame it on buri kismat. And when Deepika catwalks into his life, friends Riteish and Lara want her to stay. Lies, more lies and mistaken identities follow. And Sajid Khan goes ahead with his brand of entertainment - Akshay crashing onto billboards, Lara crashing out of the window, her Gujarati papa Boman Irani sleepwalking and dancing.

Arjun Rampal plays Deepika’s military brother — an intelligence head who carries a lie-detector kit with him. And he conducts a ‘narco-analysis test’ on Akshay to verify he is the one for his sister!

Again, laughing gas is a better option.

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