A distasteful, disgusting balderdash

A distasteful, disgusting balderdash

A distasteful, disgusting balderdash

Rating: *

Lang: Kannada (A)

Film: Nanjundi Kalyana

Cast: Tanush Shivanna, Kuri Prathap, Shravya Rao, Padmaja Rao, Manjunath Hegde, Sundar Veena, Rajendra Karanth

Director: Rajendra Karanth

Commercial cinema has never really got it right when it comes to exploring the theme of other genders in films. These directors have always looked at them with only comedic, slapstick intent, turning their films into horrendous comedies, than taking serious and sensitive look at the community.

What, however, roils one is that at a time when LGBT community is getting legitimacy world over, and laws being passed to give them due respect and regard in society, comes Nanjundi Kalyana, an offensive, affront on them.

Cashing in on 1989 yesteryear romantic comedy's box office success, director Rajendra Karanth, seeks to woo audiences with the same title. He, has, however, simply gone overboard titillating the baser senses of his audiences in the guise of rip-roaring comedy picking up the theme of gay marriage as his subtext for an otherwise routine romance saga.

Nanjundi, enters into a sham of a marriage, and weds his gay partner in Pattaya, Bangkok, and the lovey-dovey couple return home, much to the chagrin of hero's mother. The beau has done the deed to spite his adamant, nitpicking mother, who does not approve of his love interest Vindhya, given the differences in their respective social status.

Therein beings the tug of war between the mother and son each trying to outwit and harass the other in pursuit of their singular goal. Also there is more to Nanjundi than meets the eyes. Nanjundi hatches a plan to ensure his fuming mother likes Vindhya, even as she is hell bent on having her way. Who wins this mom-son contest? Do love triumphs? Or is Nanjundi really confirmed gay and his marriage survives? These are posers you would be wiser to leave alone then spend a miserable time at theatre.

As to whether the film, made specially to revive the career of Tanush Shivanna, will do so, your guess is as good as mine. Distasteful dialogues, suggestive gestures, and trashy tomfoolery make Nanjundi Kalyana. Stay away, this is no comedy, even if laughter is the best medicine, for it an assault on one's sense and sensibilities.

S Viswanath

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