Mehbooba urges PM to put an end to bloodshed in Kashmir

As Kashmir grapples with rise in violence, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Friday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to put an end to the bloodshed in the state.

Interacting with youth from various parts of the state here, she said it was high time for the entire country to support the people of the state in getting out of the vicious cycle of killings and uncertainty.
"Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, as the most powerful political executive of the country, can lead this peace project by responding to the need of putting a stop to the bloodshed in the state which has been going on for almost three decades now," Mehbooba said.
The Chief Minister said peace, reconciliation and dialogue form the core of 'Agenda of Alliance' reached out between the two ruling parties (PDP and BJP) and "it is the belief in Prime Minister Modi's leadership abilities and his political clout that the people of the state are looking up to for the resumption of the same."
Our state and the whole region, she added, expect the Prime Minister to revive the spirit of former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee's initiative and also "expect the other shades of political opinion in the country to avoid falling into the trap of old partisan politics and instead support such an initiative which would get the state out of the uncertainties and herald into an era of progress and development."
Recalling the Prime Minister's remarks about Kashmir on Independence Day, the Chief Minister hoped the same to be translated into reality by everyone in the country dealing with the affairs of the state. "From media to administration, strategic community and the security forces, everyone will have to be part of this national effort," Mehbooba said.
It is high time, she added, that enough hope is generated to persuade young men from going on a violent path by creating their stakes in peace and life rather than in death and rebellion.
A successful peace process in Jammu & Kashmir, the Chief Minister said, alone can fulfil the objectives of democracy and justice in the country. India, she said, can truly don the moral leadership of the region by increasing the level of satisfaction of the people of the state by winning their trust and hearts and minds.

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