'India has a firm grasp on every style'

'India has a firm grasp on every style'

'India has a firm grasp on every style'

Her moves have set the internet on fire but American dancer Dana Alexa does not prefer to rest on her laurels. The winner of Emmy award-winning television show 'The Amazing Race', Dana has been a dancer and choreographer of many stage shows, tours and music videos of international artists and brands.

She will be seen as one of the judges in the upcoming show 'High Fever Dance Ka Naya Tevar'. The social media sensation talks to Rajitha Menon about her journey till now.

How did you get into the field of dancing?

I began dancing when I was just two years old and my mom enrolled me in some toddler ballet classes. I have been dancing every day ever since. I decided after college that I could not live without dance in my life so I chose to pursue it professionally.

Was it easy for you initially?

Dance is definitely not easy but I was always in love with music and even before I could stand, I would hop around every time a song played. I had a natural rhythm and inclination for dance and because I loved it I worked really hard at it.

Most memorable moment in your dancing career so far?

I have had many amazing moments but I think one of my favorites was when I traveled to Peru to teach master classes last year. It was one of my first solo teaching tours and my classes sold out! Also, I think being in India is definitely up there with my most memorable dance moments. Living in India and mentoring the dancers on High Fever has been awesome.

How is the experience of being part of a reality show in India?

I can't say enough good things about my experience here in India with High Fever. It has been such a beautiful journey watching the talent that has come on to the stage and learning about the hardships they have gone through to get where they are. We have two boys who travel miles to train in the park because they love dancing so much! The relationships between the partners is also heartwarming to watch.

What do you think about the future of dance styles like hip hop and jazz in India?

India has a firm grasp on every style from what I have seen dancers demonstrate on the stage. They are leading the way when it comes to styles like hip hop, jazz and even contemporary. Even though I have lived in New York City and Los Angeles and worked with some of the best dancers, I have seen the dancers here in India do things I have never seen before.

Any dance style that you want to learn or explore?

I am working hard at learning some Indian styles and recently have tried my hand at Bollywood and kathak. They are so difficult!

How do you like India?

I am loving it here. I am excited to explore the country. Every place I have seen so far, like Goa and Jaipur, are so different from each other yet so exciting.

Advice for aspiring professional dancers...

Work as hard as you can. Make sure that you find a way to dance every single day. Try different styles and different teachers and make dance a passion that you can't live without. Don't pursue dance for money or fame.