'Show of solidarity will have positive effect'

“When the whole thing was happening, I was at Lord's commentating on England vs Netherlands game and I came to know about it later. It was a point that the team was trying to make and trying to show that everything was fine. I don't see anything wrong with that. They have taken the initiative to show that they are together. What is going to happen is they will go all out and play out of their skins, to show that everything is fine and that is great for Indian cricket,” Gavaskar said.

“The best way to handle criticism is to focus on the job at hand. The media has to do its job. If they sense something is wrong and feel that there is something happening, it will write or speak about it. Since the 1930s when Lalaji (Lala Amarnath) was sent back from a tour, there has never been a time in Indian cricket when it's smooth sailing.

“Because we are such a diverse country, there will never be a situation where everyone thinks alike. Five fingers of the hand are never alike, but when the team steps onto the field, the five fingers are together. On that score I'm not too worried,” he observed.
The former opening batsman pointed out that he had also staged a similar show of protest during his playing time.

“I did something similar during a camp when I took all the players who were in a camp to a newspaper office to show our displeasure against what was written in a newspaper. So all I can say is there's a precedent there.”

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