Disturbed by Dalit clashes over Bharat Bandh, RSS man immolates himself in Jaipur

A 35-year-old worker of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh immolated himself saying 'Save the country'.

Reportedly unhappy with the clashes that erupted over Bharat Bandh, a protest call by Dalit groups on April 2, he allegedly set himself on fire early Sunday morning at a public place and subsequently died in a Delhi hospital on Monday.
An eyewitness Ashok Sharma, in a statement to police, said Raghuveer Sharan Agarwal was saddened by the ongoing conflicts between SC/ST communities and others. According to the police, he died shouting 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' (Long live India) and 'Desh ko bacha lo' (Save the country) as he burned. He has also left behind a four-page letter in which he has urged the Hindus to unite and work with a sentiment of nation-first.
According to police, he brought some inflammable material and set himself on fire. People nearby informed the police, called an ambulance and rushed him to hospital.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Ashok Gupta confirmed, "The man succumbed on Monday. In his suicide note he said he was disturbed by the way members of SC/ST communities organised violent protests and thrashed and abused members of forward castes."

Suicide letter

His suicide letter reads, "The forces that want to break the country and can't see the country stable and progressive are responsible for my aatmosarg (selfish act) We all should take a decision not to resort to violent protests."
Agarwal was the RSS Nagar Karyawahak (area coordinator) of Vaishali Nagar where he lived. He also owned and ran a drug store at the primary health centre a few blocks away from his house. Manoj Kumar, Prachar Pramukh (publicity head) of RSS, Rajasthan said that Agarwal was a very emotional and helpful person. "He was disturbed by the violent protests that happened on April 2. In Vaishali Nagar area most of the violence unfolded and incidentally it was his area."
After setting himself on fire near Amarpali Circle in Vaishali Nagar police station area in the city, he sustained 70% burn injuries. He was shifted to New Delhi, where he died.

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