Director Rajendra Karanth defends gay romantic comedy

Director Rajendra Karanth defends gay romantic comedy

Director Rajendra Karanth defends gay romantic comedy

When director and scriptwriter Rajendra Karanth set out to make 'Nanjundi Kalyana', a film with a comic take on gay marriage, he didn't really think twice. For him, the film was inspired by what he saw in real life.

'Nanjundi Kalyana', now showing, has stirred questions about why society still remains closed to people from this community. Some critics say the film is insensitive to gay people.

"I have never really come across any film in the southern part of the country that has touched on the question of gay marriages. I believe that everybody, irrespective of their background, has the right to life and can choose to live the way they want," says Karanth.

He says the sexual minorities have a tough time integrating with the mainstream. "They are humiliated and often mocked at in public."

The director has friends in the gay community. "I have seen them from close quarters and know how they cope with stress. I have showcased their life and journey in 'Nanjundi Kalyana' and I've used comedy," he says.

Rajendra hastens to add that he has not portrayed the gay community in a negative light. "I haven't delved into their relationships. In a traditional Indian household, the daughter-in-law is always a woman and I think it is hard for people to accept a man as the daughter-in-law," he observes.

Karanth says his extensive stage experience has helped him grasp and understand subjects in a sensitive way.

"I began in theatre but have worked on many films. I make sure I take forward my interest in theatre and films with equal fervour. My strength lies in writing dialogues and scripts," he says.

Rajendra is happy with the way 'Nanjundi Kalyana' has shaped up, but feels he could have done a lot more with the subject.

"It is sad when directors and dialogue writers have to limit their creativity because of societal pressures. We must be allowed to explore bold subjects to the fullest, without being given any restrictions," he says.


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