Leaders revolt against BJP for issuing ticket to Haladi

Leaders revolt against BJP for issuing ticket to Haladi

The rebel group in the Kundapur faction of BJP, led by Kishore Kumar, has revolted against the party and decided to tender resignation for the posts held and also the primary membership in protest against the party offering a ticket to Haladi Srinivas Shetty.

Kishore Kumar and a five member team who were totally against offering a ticket to Haladi, met district BJP president Mattar Ratnakar Hegde at his residence and expressed their dissatisfaction. The members have decided to tender their resignation from the membership of the party. They have decided to remain neutral and not campaign for the party's candidate.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, Kumar regretted that there are no values or principles within the party. "It is only selfishness that overtakes the commitments and sincerity," he said. He added that sincere loyal members in the party are deeply hurt as the party is only looking into making profits. He added that a selfish person like Haladi who always looks into profits had resigned from the party when he was not offered the minister's post. Sadly, there was none to listen to the state of the party when he left the party unexpected and unattended. Kishore said that at that juncture, he and his team struggled to keep the party united and unharmed following sudden developments. Haladi returned to the party only when he felt he would get the party ticket. The party never looks at its sincere followers, he said.

Stating that he was one of the ticket aspirants, he said that when he was least bothered about the candidature and posts, the party had pushed him into trouble by giving higher responsibilities. However, currently when he feels he is capable of making the party win in the Assembly constituency, he is hurt as the party has sidelined him and his work towards building the party in the absence of Haladi. Terming Haladi as an opportunist, Kumar said he has decided to resign as he felt that it makes no sense by continuing in the position. However, he would continue in the party and would canvas for the party candidates in other four Assembly constituencies of the district, he said.

While Mattar Ratnakar Hedge said that he would not be accepting the resignations of the party leader and members, he said he would be holding talks with them and try to sort out the differences amicably. Haladi's victory would be ensured by the campaigning of these leaders. They would surely support Haladi and campaign for him. He added that there was a survey held before selecting the candidates in each Assembly constituency. Accordingly, candidates were selected. There would be no problems in the party, he asserted.