Living life in the lap of luxury

Living life in the lap of luxury

Living life in the lap of luxury

Homes are intimate spaces that reflect our personalities and aspirations. While some of us are comfortable with simple designs, others desire opulence and express it through their tastes and preferences in decor. Essentially, luxurious home decor is a combination of elegant and premium quality decor items and themes that add elements of extravagance and class. For instance, it is the use of statement pieces like expensive sofas, chandeliers, exotic flowers in grand vases, and quality fabrics like silk, satin or chiffon as decor elements in your home.

The essentials

Raseel Gujral Ansal, creative director & founder, Casa Paradox, says, "A distinctive theme that matches the persona of the client is the most essential element in luxurious home decor. I go for signature design treatments that are brand signifiers in themselves. Iconic shapes also add to the drama of the interiors along with bold prints and shades that are blended together to form a rhythm of design, adding an edge of luxe to the decor."

Designing a luxurious space may seem like it's quite a task, but with a few basic pointers such as the right colours, flooring and fittings in mind, one can create a space that is comfortable and stylish. Parul Mittal, director, Greenlam Industries Ltd, spells it out for you, "If you're looking to add a little bit of class to your abode, go for wooden floors. You can play around with the shades and different species to get them to complement or contrast with the rest of the room. When it comes to luxurious decor, soft colours are perfect. If you are a fan of minimalism, the colour palette itself can have a lot to say. However, if you want an edgy look while maintaining elegance, grey tones fit in perfectly. Feature walls are back and are fabulous. You can play with textures and materials when it comes to getting your wall right."

Good lighting can transform a simple setting into a grand one. One can use a variety of lighting options for their living room, bedroom, dining and kitchen in order to create a desirable ambience in the respective areas. "Double chandeliers add an extra touch of luxury to the living and dining area. Floral chandeliers are a bold choice, they can look stunning in rooms with simple decor and furniture. Look for fixtures made from hand-blown glass that feature elegantly swooping stems and delicate buds to add impact to a plain dining room," says Ranbir Mehra, director, Jaquar Lighting.

Furthermore, elaborating on the lighting options for the bedroom and kitchen, he says, ''One can incorporate ambient lighting in the bedroom, which serves the same function as natural
sunlight, bathing your entire room in light. Accent lighting could be a great addition since it highlights visual features you wish to showcase. Bright yet well-diffused kitchen lighting makes the space more efficient and functional. One can make use of dimmers also as they let you alter the atmosphere according to various occasions."

Besides lighting, bath fittings can help create an impact in your home. "A luxurious bathroom is a lot more than expensive fittings. It is meant to give you a sense of comfort and ease. It is important that the overall design aesthetic you choose gives you the experience you desire. While chrome finishes are quite commonplace, you can always explore something like rose gold or French gold to get a Victorian feel. You can also try something like brushed bronze or brushed nickel fittings for a more rustic look. The mirror and countertop need to be well-lit, and one can also incorporate smart mirrors," says a spokesperson from Kohler.

For a rejuvenating experience

Additionally, you can design a bathroom with a theme to enhance it and make it elegant. "People prefer personalising the space and adding amenities that are more spa-like. For example, an extra-large shower that offers a stress-busting, rejuvenating downpour while the powerful flow of heavy drops serves to recharge the tired nerves. Products that provide an experiential feel are a must for a luxury bathroom," says Rajesh Mehra, director & promoter, Jaquar Group.

That said, luxurious interior decor is often synonymous with the Victorian theme in homes. This can be quite repetitive. However, one can always incorporate the grandeur using contemporary styles. "Look for inspirations that are not available everywhere. When it comes to the contemporary style, bold shades are my eternal favourites. A conglomeration of metal and wood can also add a luxury spell like no other. To add an enchanting edge of unconventional style to your room, add a pop of statement bedside lamps, sculptures and dressers. Pick a wallpaper that narrates your sense of style. For example, wanderlusts find the answers to their ultimate bedroom decor questions with wallpapers inspired by scenic beauties of the world. If you have an inkling for the wild or the delicate, bring the fauna or the flora to your walls,'' says Raseel.

But, if you're someone who prefers the Victorian touch in your space then, "Blonde wood floors are the perfect way to get the desired look. They instantly elevate any room and bring a certain amount of sophistication to your house without diminishing the modernity. If you want to go one step further, you can try and add some marble texture to your setting. A gorgeous marble-textured laminate over your countertop is also an excellent way of getting that Victorian vibe without compromising the modernity of your home. If you want to lean a bit more towards modern styles, just pair the white marble with black marble," says Parul.

So, with these ideas in mind, you can go ahead and build that opulent space for yourself, just the way you like it. Go on, indulge yourself.



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