Nishant Tanwar is star stand-up on YouTube

Nishant Tanwar is star stand-up on YouTube

Nishant Tanwar is star stand-up on YouTube

Nishant Tanwar is one of the funniest guys in the comic world. He's back with his 'Joke Singh' swag on Amazon Exclusive show called 'Dili Se Hoon B*******d'.

He speaks about stereotypes, racism, politics and Indian culture. During every performance, he shares some sure shot tips of losing both, weight and virginity.

He chats with Anila Kurian about his journey so far.

What inspired you to write the content for the show?

When I was approached by Amazon Prime Video team to do the show, I had various options to choose from. But for my solo special, I wanted my audience to know me and where I come from. I grew up and started my comedy career in Delhi as well. That's why I wanted my show to be called 'Dili Se...'.

Where do you draw a line when it comes to offensive content?

I've been told I am the comedian who has uploaded the most number of YouTube videos. So far, I haven't received any negative comments about my content. I just focus on making my audience laugh and keep them happy without offending anyone.

What are some of your future goals?

I am working on my next one-hour special but I will always be loyal to my first love, standup shows.

I am a lot more comfortable doing standup shows than web series.

According to you, what's the comedy scene in India like?

It's amazing and the best time is right now. I have performed in 14 countries since I started in 2009 and I've seen how it's difficult for comedians to make their mark in the industry. But there's a huge demand for the artwork here.

What's your lamest best worst joke?

I don't write jokes that I find lame.

Is there a topic that you never want to make a joke about?

To be honest, if I find it funny and I know that my audience will too, then I don't think twice. I don't restrict myself to only a number of topics.


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