David Miller loves golf, cooking and being single

David Miller loves golf, cooking and being single

David Miller. Source: twitter/@DavidMillerSA12

South African cricketer David Miller has been retained by Kings XI Punjab for this season of the Indian Premier League.

The young cricketer says the tournament gives him a chance to travel across India and explore its many attractions.

Ahead of the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kings XI Punjab in Bengaluru on Friday, Miller takes time off to chat with Nina C George.

How is it to return for another season?

It's great. We have a new bunch of players. We have a good mix of local talent and players from overseas.

What's your favourite sport, apart from cricket?

I love golf and it has been a couple of years since I began playing it. I also go scuba diving with my friends, along the coastline of Durban, where I live.

Do you cook?

I enjoy cooking but I haven't been home for a long time. But when I am home, I barbecue with my friends and the ingredients we use are all our own. I am an experimental cook. My all-time favourite combination is steamed vegetable with stir-fry chicken, mashed potatoes and herb mushrooms.

And what do you like in Indian food?

I can never get enough of 'butter chicken'. I also make it a point to try all kinds of dishes when I am in India. The food is different in each city.

What motivates you to stay fit...

I turn 29 soon and if I want to have a longer career in cricket, I must have a strong body and mind. This thought is more than enough motivation to stay fit.

Do you follow a diet plan?

I don't really have a diet. I eat anything, anywhere and at any time. But I am aware of what I eat.

What according to you are the benefits of being single?

I am free to make my decisions, without having to conform to another's person's choices. Being single also gives me the freedom to travel and explore opportunities in the world of cricket.

What do you want to take back home?

I want to get a local suit made in Mohali. The good thing is that you get to choose the material for the suit.

Thoughts on Bengaluru...

I love the city for its vibrant food, culture and warm people.


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