'Extend coffee package to medium, large growers'

'Extend coffee package to medium, large growers'

One lakh medium and large growers are denied facilities

Speaking to presspersons here on Saturday, he said the coffee package is not for the entire coffee industry. The large growers are also in trouble. “As the package is only for the small growers, one lakh medium and large growers are denied of the facilities from the Centre.” The government should take large and medium growers into consideration and help in increasing the production, thus gaining more foreign exchange, he added.

According to the coffee package announced by the Centre, Central government will waive off 50 per cent of loan borrowed during 2002. The limitation is Rs 5 lakh. The package will come as a boon for small growers who have land holding less than 25 acres. In the package, 20 per cent of crop loan and 10 per cent of development loan will be waived.

The limitation is Rs one lakh. As a result, the medium and large growers have to divide the present loan.  He alleged that large and medium growers were denied of the facilities of the centre owing to the wrong information given by the Coffee Board President.


“The coffee package announced by the Centre is of no use to the coffee growers. It will benefit only those who have availed the loan before 2002. Those who had availed the loan before 2002 would have repaid the loan by this time,” said MLA M P Kumaraswamy. The package will benefit 10 to 15 per cent of the growers.

Coffee Board former vice president D K Udayashankar welcomed the coffee pacakge announced by the Centre. He said that during his tenure as Vice President, he had sent a proposal of Rs 800 crore to the Centre. Responding to it, the government has announced Rs 370 crore package which has brought smile on the face of the growers.

District Congress Spokesperson A N Mahesh said “the package has provided 50 per cent compensation to the small growers.” Coffee Board Vice-President Jabbeer Ajgar said “of the package, Rs 241.33 crore has been directly released by the Centre. The remaining 25 per cent will be borne by the banks. The package is a boon to those growers who are in trouble.”