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I am in my 20s and I am conscious of how I look. I wish to make my dark brown eyes appear bigger. What kind of eye make-up should I do to achieve stunning eyes? - Lilian Fernandes

When make-up is used correctly, even the smallest eyes can be made to look large and expressive. Kohl is usually 'a must' for an Indian woman. It accentuates the eyes without weighing them down, making them look droopy. To achieve the perfect look, always draw the eyeliner with a steady hand, as this needs to be a defined line with no smudging.

To further make the eyes look big, you could use a silver or gold highlighting pencil at the inner corner of the eyes. To make the eyes appear wider, always apply mascara to complete the look.

I am suffering from a dry skin condition. I am worried about the changing weather. What kind of skincare regime should I follow in summer?
- Rachna Lenkennavar

You don't have to worry too much as dry skin is least affected during the summer months. Due to the elevated humidity level, dry skin will not require thick and creamy moisturisers, which are meant to treat the parched winter skin. Switch to lighter products, gel-based formulated moisturisers, or look for moisturising milk or lotions. These are absorbed easily and are non-greasy. A light moisturiser, containing hyaluronic acid, helps balance the skin.

However, one vital point I would like to draw your attention to is that hydration of the body is important, as it helps in the healthy functioning of the system and youthful looking skin, especially during summers. Drink plenty of water and eat the right kind of food to combat dryness. Use a hydrating mask once a week to nourish the skin.

Are there any natural ways to control dandruff and hair fall? I have tried anti-dandruff shampoos but they haven't worked well for me. - Abhishek

Maintaining proper hygiene is extremely important when you are looking at managing dandruff. You should wash your hair on alternate days, if not daily.

If the scalp is oily, dusting it with a fine powder made out of dried and crushed neem leaves will bring temporary relief from the discomfort caused by itching, and also reduce dandruff. These leaves have strong healing and antimicrobial properties and will help to absorb excess sebum, reduce itching and prevent infection.

If you suffer from dry dandruff, massage a few drops of tea tree oil into your scalp after wash. Tea tree oil has potent antifungal properties that will help to protect and moisturise the scalp. Keep in mind that this type of dandruff home remedy is only meant to treat the discomfort caused by dandruff and must be used in addition to a proper dandruff treatment.

Founder of SkinLab, Dr Jamuna Pai is a cosmetic physician and a beauty expert.

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