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I am 45 and I am on a quest to lead a healthy life. I have just started gymming. As I am getting familiarised with the equipment, I was wondering which is the best for burning calories - a treadmill or an elliptical? - Mohana Kumar

Start with the elliptical - it's safer and works on the entire body. You can do two days of this and a day of the treadmill. For the other three days, I would recommend some light weight training with the help of a trainer. Try and do three to five days of workout. I wish you luck and consistency.

I am a working professional in my late 20s. I'm used to sleeping late and getting up late. This summer, I wish to be a morning person and ease into a fitness regime. Please suggest a few suitable fitness regimes for beginners.

I am sure you got into this routine because of your job. You will certainly need to start getting to bed early, not later than 10.30 pm and wake up no later than 7.30 am. If you make this happen, you will get a good night's sleep, making you super-productive in everything you do. So for starters, you could either join yoga or zumba classes or you can do short workouts at home. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced workouts available online. Try to start with three times a week and then gradually make it five to six times a week.

I am a financial consultant in my 40s and I practically live in my office. I used to be a gym freak, but my busy work schedule has taken over my workout time. I can see some changes in my body, and I am not happy with it. Can you suggest some simple short workouts I can try at my desk? - Srinandan V

I am happy to hear you want to make small changes, and right at your desk. With this positive attitude, nothing can stop you from getting fitter and healthier. My first recommendation would be to do short, 15-minute workouts varying from cardio, strength, and flexibility. These are body-weight workouts and you will not need any equipment.

If you cannot fit this in, ensure you walk five minutes every one hour that you have sat at your desk. Try to walk 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day. Walking is brilliant for fat burn, so simply stay active if you just cannot get a workout.

I am in my 30s and I love working out and swimming. I want to specially work on my calves that don't look as toned as the rest of my body. Are there any specific workouts for calf muscles? How do I make them look toned?
- Priyanka L

While everything you are doing right now should be good for your calves, if you need a specific workout, calf raise is definitely one of them. You won't necessarily have to go to the gym for this, you can do body-weight or weighted calf raises at home. Running, walking and hiking will also help build calf muscles.

(The author is fitness expert at Curefit)

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