Kalaburagi: Five months after marriage, cross-border love falls apart

Kalaburagi: Five months after marriage, cross-border love falls apart

Kalaburagi: Five months after marriage, cross-border love falls apart

A cross-border love between a man from Afghanistan and an Argentian woman ended in Kalaburagi, almost five months after they got married.

Ahmad Zarif Chisty, 30, a Sufi preacher, Daniela Soledad, 33 of Argentina met on social media and decided to get married in India after love blossomed between them. Daniela reportedly too followed Sufism. Accordingly, they arrived in New Delhi on November 22, 2017, and they got married the next day. After travelling to Ajmer in Rajasthan and Vijayapura in Karnataka, the coupled settled in Kalaburagi, a few days ago.

Sources in police said that Chisty, who was preaching Sufism and teaching Quran in the city, had rented a small house in Makkah Colony on Hagarga Road, where the couple stayed. Differences cropped between the two when other senior Sufi preachers started arriving at their house and Chisty asked Daniela to serve them by pressing their hands and legs though he himself refrained from doing so claiming that he too was a Sufi preacher. Daniela was not only upset but also refused to do so as it was against her culture.

The differences aggravated over a period of time and Daniela contacted her parents back in Argentina seeking their help to return. Her parents then contacted the Argentina consulate in Mumbai and sought their help. The consulate then got in touch with the Kalaburagi police. The police not only successfully traced the couple but also inquired about alleged torture and harassment meted out to Daniela.


Sources in the police said that Daniela was upset and felt offended by Chisty's behaviour. She also felt a loss of privacy in the small house and wanted to go back to Argentina. She denied any physical or sexual harassment and didn't wish to lodge any complaint.

The consul general from Argentina consulate in Mumbai arrived in Kalaburagi along with another female colleague on April 10 and took Daniela with them on the same day. Daniela is now reported to be in Argentina, sources said. Chisty was let off as no case was registered against him.


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