Free Wi-Fi and no time limit makes cafes popular

Free Wi-Fi and no time limit makes cafes popular

Free Wi-Fi and no time limit makes cafes popular

If you are working somewhere in the Central Business District of Bengaluru (CBD), chances are you will find at least 10 cafes at a stretch that are known for their cuppa. The distinguishing factor is the price. These cafes range from the most expensive to the cheapest. However, many youngsters are okay with shelling out big bucks for their coffee. The reason? These outlets provide free Wi-Fi and there is no interference by its staff.

Soumya Srivastava, MBA student, visits 'Starbucks' in Church Street and Cafe Coffee Day on MG Road at least four times a month. "When I am catching up with friends, we prefer meeting in a quiet environment and not in a noisy place like a pub. Since being comfortable is the factor here, I don't mind spending a few extra notes."

The preferred spot for Gagan S, student of Symbiosis, is 'Cafe Coffee Day' (CCD) in MG Road. Like Soumya, he also visits this place three to four times a month.

"It is the ambience and location of this cafe that makes me want to visit it. The best part is, you can hang around for as long as you want, even after you finish your coffee. The staff never asks anyone to leave. This generous gratitude encourages people like me to come back again," he says.

For him, a cafe like this is a great place to meet new people and also spend some alone time "when the house is filled with relatives". For him, 'CCD' is expensive but it is still one of the cheapest places when compared to other coffee houses in the same locality.

When asked if he would prefer having 150 ml of coffee priced at Rs 122 over an 80 ml filter coffee priced at Rs 20 from a Darshini, he replies, "Darshinis are good only if you are in a hurry. I would not prefer to stand and have my cup of coffee in a rush. One time my friends and I were asked to leave once we were done. Though coffee shops like 'CCD', 'Starbucks', 'Matteo Coffea' are expensive, the quantity and ambience make up for the price I pay."

Even business meetings are taking place in cafes, thanks to the changing workplace scenario. Ganesh Anantha Subbaraya, managing director at IDP Events, says, "For someone like me, who wakes up to a cup of coffee and goes to bed with the same, work meetings at cafes work better."

His prefers 'CCD' as he feels that it is a more social place compared to other cafes around the area. Sweta N, communications professional, tends to grab a coffee at 'Matteo' when she has to send out a few urgent emails or after client meetings.

"Though their coffee is nothing out of the world, I prefer going there because of the free Wi-Fi. I would rather have a cup from 'Hatti Kaapi' which is actually delicious. The flip side is I can't stand there and work. Also, they don't have Wi-Fi."

Seems that comfort takes priority over everything else when it comes to the young consumer of today. Even though the consensus is that places like 'CCD', 'Starbucks' and 'Matteo Coffea' are overrated, the relaxed ambience and sense of personal space pulls the millennial to these places for their fix of caffeine.

Big bucks for small cups

'Matteo Coffea', Church Street - Rs 120 inclusive of taxes for 150 ml coffee.

'Cafe Coffee Day', MG Road- Rs 122 inclusive of taxes for 150 ml coffee.

'Soul Cafe', MG Road - Rs 80 inclusive of taxes for 180 ml coffee.

'Starbucks', Church Street - Rs 179 inclusive of taxes for 310 ml coffee.

Cheapest coffees in CBD

Hatti Kaapi, Brigade Road - Rs 20

Indian Coffee House, Church Street - Rs 24


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