'I'll have my way, anyhow'

'I'll have my way, anyhow'


'I'll have my way, anyhow'

No rules: Traffic violation happens even as the cops look on.
Sowmya Sree

“People in Bangalore have a better road sense compared to those in the other metros across the country. I find autos the most rash. Traffic jams will never ease unless people are disciplined on road. Besides, I think people should start using the public transport rather than travel in their own vehicle.” 

Zarina Begum

“There is an urgent need for more stringent enforcement of traffic rules. Often, the roads are dug up leaving very little room for pedestrians to walk and vehicles to move. Because of this you have two-wheeler riders driving on the footpath. Road safety must be internalised into one's personality at the very start. It's all within the mind.”

Atmaram N G

“People have become less sensitive and less tolerant. Most of the time the police close their eyes to the violations happening around them. Some police men at certain traffic junctions look so exhausted and tired to even regulate traffic movement. Pedestrian safety is overlooked.

Two-wheeler riders criss-cross at their convenience endangering many

Nagammai Nagappan

 “The traffic is chaotic and people are indisciplined the moment they get on the road. Everybody seems to be in a hurry when they get on the road and one wants to overtake the other. I also think heat makes people cranky.”


“Most people drive in a tensed mood. They’re either worried about getting to work on time or getting their kids to school or about what’s happening back home. All the worry is taken out on the road. The hallmark of civilised behaviour is concern for human life. People jump signals so frequently and don’t even stop to let people cross the road.” 

Rohit Prasad,

“With increasing urbanisation, road safety is becoming less of a priority and is taking a backseat. The BMTC buses are the worst. They stop anywhere they want to and overtake within City limits. I think people must have moderate consideration to pedestrians and fellow commuters. That’s missing.”

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