'Media and opponents have planned to defame me'

'Media and opponents have planned to defame me'

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'Media and opponents have planned to defame me'

He was surrounded by good number of assistants and supporters throughout the day. But none barring Halappa was in a mood to talk or defend him.
In an interaction with Deccan Herald, the former minister for Food and Civil Supplies had this to say...

DH: Who is this Shimoga friend of yours levelling such serious allegations?

I do not know. Is there anybody? It is a story fabricated by the newspaper as well as some of my political rivals. Why nobody has registered a case so far?

Then why did you rush through the resignation?

I had to resign as otherwise it would have become a major issue for Opposition parties. The campaigning for Gram Panchayat polls is on and my party workers are going from door to door seeking votes in villages. I did not want them to feel embarrassed.

You did not even make an attempt to dispute the charge. Your name is not mentioned in the report.

This morning I read the report. (Mentioned a journalist’s name). I know that some mediapersons have colluded with my political opponents and hatched a plan to defame me.

Though my name is not mentioned it is obvious the report is about me.

Anybody can make out that it is me who is being discussed. The words ‘Aahara’ (food) and ‘Sarabaraju’ (supply) in the report makes it obvious that it is about me.

Being in public life, I can’t be insensitive. Such false allegations cause embarrassment not only for me but for my party as well. It is a sensitive issue.

I had the moral responsibility to quit the office. If  I were to continue in office my opponents would have alleged of destruction of evidence. Now that I am out of power, let them conduct an inquiry.

Will you file a case against the newspaper which published the report?

Sure (but he did not sound so). Anyhow, whether somebody gives a complaint against me or whether I lodge a complaint,  from tomorrow onwards I will be giving reply to my

Name your conspirators.

Who else...Belur Gopalakrishna, Dodda Bangarappa and his sons. Bangarappa is a wounded old lion.

His sons know that they can’t make career in politics.

They were all jealous of me seeing travelling in government vehicle fitted with red beacon light. Let them be happy from today because I am no more a minister.

I have got nothing to lose. I never led a luxurious life as a minister. I stood by Bangarappa when he was facing criminal charges with regard to Panathur case or Classik computer case...

Today, the same person, without knowing the facts, is levelling charges against me.  All these years I had respect for him. Along with Yeddyurappa’s portrait, even Bangarappa’s photo adorned the walls of my house. Today I removed Bangarappa’s portrait from my house.

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