Victim files complaint, seeks protection

Victim files complaint, seeks protection

Halappa may face seven years of imprisonment

Victim files complaint, seeks protection

Halappa can be booked under 376 (read with 511) of the IPC amounting for attempting to rape considering nature of the charges levelled by the victim Chandravati. If the charges are proved, Halappa can be sentenced for rigorous imprisonment up to seven years.

The period may go up to 15 years, as Halappa’s case will have to be treated as ‘separate’ since he was holding a public office when the incident took place.

Frequent visitor
Chandravati claimed in the complaint that she is a mother of two children and belong to Ediga community. Her husband Venkatesh Murthy is known to Halappa for over seven years. Halappa would frequently visit her house. He stayed in her house on November 26, 2009 and allegedly raped during the wee hours of the next day.
A part of the complaint stated, “Halappa forcefully gagged my mouth and strongly over-powered me and committed an act of rape on me.”

She further stated: “My husband was shocked at the sight of Halappa on my bed. I immediately informed my husband who became furious and started beating up Halappa. I too could not contain my anger and supported my husband while he thrashed the minister. Halappa then pleaded guilty and my husband who was in mixed state of shock and confusion questioned Halappa why he ruined our family life. Halappa said “I made a mistake, you kill me.” My husband once again got enraged and we together thrashed him.”

Pleaded guilty
Halappa, she said, kept requesting them not to disclose the matter. He began giving life threats and sent across a few rowdies who would come in cars sans number plates. They also threatened to kidnap their children. She tried to commit suicide twice unable to bear the torture.

On February 16, Halappa’s henchmen took Murthy to his room number 252 in LH in Bangalore and threatened with a sword. They also told their children that they would kill Murthy.

Constant threatening calls and trauma made her to lodge the complaint, she added.
The complainant has said that she has kept the stained clothes of her and the accused with her. If the case is registered, then the clothes will be sent for a DNA test.
Halappa’s associates Girish and Basavaraj, likey to be interrogated after checking the calls they made to Venkatesh Murthy.

Chandravati’s allegations
*Halappa raped me, wrongfully restrained, wrongfully confined me which amounts to criminal intimidation
*Chandravati and Murthy thrashed Halappa
*Halappa seeks forgiveness and collapses
*Hallappa calls up the couple four days later, requesting pardon for the ‘crime’
*Halappa promises to compensate
*Halappa kept calling Murthy issuing threats
*Constant threatening from his rowdies upset the Murthy couple
*Mobile calls from different numbers
*Calls from cellphones that displayed no numbers on Murthy’s cell phone
*Chandravati tried to commit suicide by consuming sleeping tablets
*Suicide attempts made twice by Chandravati
*Rowdies threatened Murthy with a sword in LH room no 252 (Hallappa’s)
*Couple decided to end lives unable to bear Halappa’s torture
*Complainant seeks adequate security to the family

*8.00 pm Halappa calls Venkatesh Murthy
*10.08 pm reconfirms his arrival
*10.15 pm arrives in official car
*11.30 finishes dinner and stays back
*3.30 am Halappa cries for Murthy

*Murthy departs for IB to bring medicine for Halappa
*Halappa comes down sneaks into Murthy’s bedroom
*Halappa enters bed and allegedly rapes

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