Living on the edge

Living on the edge

Mountaineering Club

Living on the edge

The Mountaineering Club of BMS College of Engineering is one of the oldest clubs in the college and its  members take part in interesting activities. This adventure club was started in 1983 and at present, Aditya and Arjun are the co-ordinators of the club.

The activities of the club are wall climbing, rappelling, rock climbing, aqua sports, parasailing, bungee jumping and bird-watching. The club is quite popular among the students and it has a membership of more than 120 students. Once a student pays a fee of Rs 100, he becomes the lifetime member for the club.

Prof Indiramma, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Prof Satish, faculty in architecture help the students coordinate. “We usually carry out team activities on Sundays. Our seniors guide us in everyway. They advise us to take precautionary measures while performing adventurous and risky tasks,” says Arjun.

The team members frequently visit Ramanagar and Uttarahalli to perform wall climbing and rock climbing activities. For aqua sports, they prefer to stop over at Karwar and for parasailing, they select a place near Hoskote. They carry out these activities once in a semester.

“We attend most of the camps related to mountaineering and other adventurous activities and get benefited by it. If we are unable to attend the camps due to exams or internals, any member who has attended the camp, will impart the information to us,” reveals Arjun.

Another unique thing about the members is that along with the club activities, they are also involved in social service.

They celebrate Deepavali every year along with the children in the orphanages. They burst crackers with those kids and spend a few hours with them.

“The idea of celebrating the festival with orphan kids came to our mind a few years back and we implemented it instantly without a second thought. We really enjoy spending time with those kids and feel a kind of satisfaction,” reveals Harshita, one of the members.