Teacher in dock for sexualised letter to student

Teacher in dock for sexualised letter to student

Teen target

Documents handed to the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal (QCT) said the teacher sent a letter to the then 16-year-old student, saying she was “increasingly turned on and drawn to him” and was having “crazy and intense fantasies”, Adelaidenow.com.au reported.

“I do miss you and crave your company and I would love to have a friendship with you... but I’m not sure if I would always be able to keep my hands off you,” the report described the letter as saying.

A second letter said: “It is pretty annoying that you re-ignited my interest in sex and then didn’t provide me with any. If you could come and finish the job properly, then I would really appreciate the attention.”

A third “highly sexualised” letter by the teacher suggested “she could pay for some counselling” and accused the student of “tripping out” on her. An affidavit describes the letters as “disturbing” and said the woman exhibited “features of a sexual predator”.