Watching dad on TV after 10 years

Watching dad on TV after 10 years

Watching dad on TV after 10 years

Now a 14-year-old, Akshay is the son of Sumitramma and Venkatesh Murthy, the man who has levelled charges of sexual assault against Hartal Halappa. Sumitramma is Venkatesh Murthy’s first wife whom he divorced 10 years ago.

Sitting at a neighbour’s living room in Malali village near Thirthahalli near here on Monday, Akshay also watched on television his elder brother whom Venkatesh Murthy took away when he parted ways with Sumitramma.

By the time Akshay was born, Venkatesh Murthy had deserted Sumitramma on the
ground that she was not beautiful anymore. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Sumitramma said her marriage with Venkatesh Murthy lasted two years.

After the first of the two sons was born, Venkatesh Murthy would chide her for her looks. When she became pregnant a second time, he dropped Sumitramma near her parents’ house and never turned up again. Sumitramma said she was shocked to learn that Venkatesh Murthy had moved on to marry again.

According to Sumitramma, Venkatesh Murthy deceived Chandravathi, who was having a relationship with his brother Mukund, into marrying him. “Venkatesh Murthy impersonated Mukund over telephone and called her to a relative’s house where he tied the nuptial knot,” she said.

Venkatesh Murthy threatened Sumitramma against approaching the court while seeking divorce. However, with the support of her brother, she filed a divorce petition and got a one-time maintenance of Rs 1 lakh. A disturbed personal life, appears to have taken a toll on Sumitramma’s health. She has turned chronically ill and her medical expenses run upto Rs 1,000 per month.

“The behaviour of the person who speaks highly about women’s dignity on television is quite contrary to the treatment he meted out to his first wife,” she lamented. Sumitramma, who visited Venkatesh Murthy’s house when her father-in-law passed away, had to face the wrath of her husband and sisters-in-law. “I was pregnant then and was kicked out of the house,” she said.

She alleged that Venkatesh Murthy had lied to their elder son, Nuthan, that his mother had passed away long ago. Nuthan, according to Sumitramma, was not even aware that he has a brother.

Sumitramma dropped out of school when in Standard IV since she had to assist her family on the farm as agriculture was the principal means of livelihood.  “I am now a burden for my brothers as I am not in a position to work,” she added. Sumitramma said she was continuing with the drudgery of life only for Akshay’s sake and in the hope that she will re-unite with Nuthan whom she hasn’t seen in 14 years.