Innovation at its best

Innovation at its best


Innovation at its best

Members of Team Haya with the car.

It’s a combination of innovation and passion. A group of youngsters, under the banner of  Team Haya, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, PES Institute of Technology have built a race car. And what’s more this twelve-member team is all set to take part in the Formula SAE racing slated to be held at Michigan from May 12 to 15.

Formula SAE is a student based engineering design competition, organised by Society of Automotive Engineers every year. “As Michigan City is the hub of automotive developments, we all are excited to participate in the race. The organisers had given specifications, according to which we have built a car. We have already made a presentation and got a safety sticker to participate in the event. Nearly 120 participants are taking part in the competition," says Rohan Talati, the member of the team.

Their eight months of hardwork resulted in the production of a racing car which has a maximum speed of 104 kilometres per hour and the capacity to accelerate from 0-104 kilometers in little less than 3.5 seconds. The prototype was successfully built and tested. The car has a horizontal suspension. They have also adapted semi-automatic gear shifting mechanism through which, gears can be changed swiftly.

Their earlier design 'PM408' was the first-ever racing car to be displayed at 'Aero India-2009' show. “We showcased our former design there and it was well received by the people. Surprisingly, Ratan Tata came to us and discussed the car for few minutes and encouraged us,” recalls Rohan.

When the ambitious students came up with the idea of developing a racing car, the faculty members and the management came forward to support them and encouraged them by providing all resources. S S Patil, the faculty adviser is proud about the achievements of the students. “It’s the result of complete contribution from all the team members. They worked hard and proved that they are second to none,” he says.

The team members worked after college hours and made use of laboratory, foundry and other facilities in the college. They are in need of financial help for research and development work and buying safety systems.

“We’ve got sponsors to some extent but we are still in need of funds. A bulk of our budget goes to logistics of transport to Michigan and also the air fair of six team members,” says Rohan.