An earthy look

An earthy look

Filmi Fundas

An earthy look

Miley’s costume in The Last Song is designed by Louise Frogley. The costume has been designed keeping in mind her character in the movie. The earthy, soft-edged look that Nelson Coates (production designer) developed for the film influenced wardrobe as well.

As Ronnie becomes more comfortable in her own skin, her clothing evolves as well. The urban punk look she cultivates at the beginning of the movie gives way to a wardrobe in keeping with her new outlook. “Julie Anne and I definitely wanted the costumes to reflect the progression of Ronnie’s character,” says Jennifer Gibgot.

“What we see on the outside says a lot about how she has changed on the inside. Louise Frogley, our costume designer, definitely got that. Through the course of the movie, Ronnie loses some of the edge to her. As she falls in love with Will and begins to forgive her father, her clothes become softer and more feminine.

For the past four years, Miley Cyrus has played Hannah Montana, a teenager
balancing her down-home persona with global superstardom. But 2010 is different. The 17-year-old has decided to leave Hannah behind, put her music career on pause, and shed her goofy notoriety for a more grown-up vibe.

Starring alongside gorgeous Australian newcomer Liam Hemsworth, Miley plays Ronnie Miller, a girl “who starts going down the wrong path,” she says. “It’s the story of how she finds her way to being happier and a better person through faith, love and friendship.”

The Last Song is a 2010 American coming-of-age drama film developed alongside the Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name. The film has been directed by Julie Anne Robinson in her feature film directorial debut and co-written by Sparks and Jeff Van Wie. The movie releases in India on May 7.

With a little help from friends

For all those who come to Mumbai with stars in their eyes, Filmwallahs is there to help them. It is an online support group for newcomers in the industry and is run by aspirants for aspirants. The Filmwallahs meet every day at a cafe in Mumbai at 6 in the evening.

People bond as friends, connect and build a rapport, share contacts, support each other through the challenging struggle, keep each other cautious about who to work with and (most important) not to work with!

“It was a fruitful meeting,” said 49-year old Saroj Vyas, who recently auditioned for a role in what is being described as India’s first reality film. The film, being produced by Philluwallahs productions, a Filmwallah’s venture set up in January this year is called Balls Hain Kya. Anyone, who is not afraid of speaking aloud on issues ranging from sexuality to domestic abuse, can audition for the role.

The film has 1000 producers, all of whom have chipped in Rs 5000 each for the project.

“They will finally zero in on eight people who will share their real-life stories on the screen,” says Vyas.

Maharaja Features

Treading on Ray’s road

A proposal to develop a tourism circuit, focusing upon the spots where Satyajit Ray shot many of his internationally-acclaimed films including Agantuk, Ashani Sanket, Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne and documentaries — Rabindranath Tagore and Inner Eye, is being mooted. Plans are being made to set up a film trail with Shantiniketan, where the director had studied for a while in his younger days, as its hub.

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